How Waves Became Our Life

What started as an obsession with sneakers has now grown into our beloved Waves Never Die.

Our founder Geroge Kozma started out as a sneaker obsessed security guard selling shoes only as a side-hustle filling orders out of the spare bedroom!

Olivia and George would fill orders when they'd get home from work, reinvesting every profit back into the company.

2020 Was Our Year

Covid shut down instore shopping and online sales soared. Sneakers where our game, but what if we sold clothes and apparel?

So that's exactly what we did! In 2020 everything just took off. Sales went crazy!

No Longer a Side Hustle

Waves started bringing in more then we thought possible! It became a full time job that saw George quiting his security job, Oliva closing down her laser hair removal business and the couple working full time on making waves a reality.

Fast Forward 4 Years

Waves is now running out of it's third warehouse location. A lot has changed, we no longer fulfil in a spare bedroom, we have welcomed two kids into the family, Penelope and Remy, and package around 600 orders a week.